Alain Caradeuc
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor 

Alain's career implementing growth strategies in the fashion and furniture design industries has made him an expert consultant for high profile designers and brands that rely on industry professionals like him for positioning and access to capital markets.  

His unique experience with brands like Thierry Mugler, Léonard, Esprit, Hugues Chevalier among others, along with his close associations with the Louis Vuitton family enable him to address brand extension straregies with great ease and necessary finesse, such as for example the MUGLER Hotles, Resorts & Residences project which he launched with Jean-Paul Cassia, with whom he overseas the commercial and business develpment implementation accross global markets. 

Alain's stellar network underscores his extensive experience in the luxury and branding industries. 

Alain Caradeuc has an MBA degree from the leading business school HEC Paris.