client : Philippe Couperie-Eiffel
branding : Eiffel
services : Architecture, Interiors, Branding and Haute Cuisine
typology : Various
location : Global

Jean-Paul Cassia, fashion designer Olivier Lapidus and Gustave Eiffel’s descendant Philippe Coupérie Eiffel are delighted to announce their collaboration to design bespoke hotels, unique monuments and other real estate projects around the world. The Eiffel +Cassia design signature explores architecture, interiors and furniture design inspired by key themes reminiscent of Gustave Eiffel’s extraordinary legacy.

Founded in 1958, +Cassia welcomes to its stellar team Gustave Eiffel’s descendant Philippe Coupérie Eiffel, whose career as a Bordeaux wine producer and horse breeder took an unexpected turn in 1989, after which he dedicated his focus to protecting the brand’s legacy from trademark usurpation and misrepresentations. “I had to defend my memory and promise I made to my grandmother Valentine, Gustave’s youngest daughters.”

Known and loved around the world, the Eiffel Tower symbolizes an age of enlightenment, curiosity, innovation and spirit.“ And a little arrogance, may I say!”, adds Philippe.

Speaking about his new role as Artistic Director at +Cassia:
“Gustave Eiffel never stopped inventing and innovating. While defending my ancestor’s great legacy, it is also through design that his memory will be further enhanced and celebrated. Design is about celebrating human achievement and I am delighted to explore this new chapter in my career.” Philippe Coupérie Eiffel

+Cassia comments:
“Apart from Philippe’s extraordinary work defending the legacy he inherited, his passion for French entrepreneurialism and patronage of scientific societies exude the kind of French spirit that is admirable. In our work together, we intend to create projects that are innovative and infused with a piece of Paris history that is simply inimitable.

We are delighted to be working with Philippe in this exciting new chapter in our respective work and legacies. Great designs and stories create timeless stages sets for the memorable adventures of life and in the shadows and memory of Philippe’s illustrious ancestor, we hope to rise to the challenge of sharing a vision of design that is aligned with our ambitions of building great stories, as well as Philippe’s vision of preserving and enhancing the legacy he inherited.“ Jean-Paul Cassia