As the "ARCHITECTS BEHIND THE BRANDS", +Cassia builds stories in real estate by nurturing trusting relationships with brands and cutting-edge developers that look for authentic content for their projects. Our extensive understanding of the construction industry and global outreach serves both developers, brands and like-minded community of investors that look for value in the homes they buy.

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brands, developers & designers

As an accomplished design firm, +Cassia accompanies brands to real estate through a highly creative design process from the DNA-out, and holistically manages the branding and marketing from inception to launch in close coordination with brands, developers and associate designers from around the world.


+Cassia's unique value proposition to Developers is the ability to acquire stunning designs for architecture and interiors, banding and marketing from the start of the design life cycle until project launch and beyond. The vested interests of brands to make a project succeed underscores +Cassia's marketing and pr efforts, bringing a spotlight to the Developers' project. 


It's all about a true and meaninful brand expression managed hollistically in the design process from day one and about creating places that create communities of like-minded people and places that inspire and elevate the human spirit.