Constance Mauger
Communications & Marketing

“Designing is like storytelling. The better the story, the greater the design.”

Constance studied Law at the Sorbonne where she concentrated on on international relations and business law, then continued with a Masters in International Business and Marketing studies at ESG business school, also in Paris, focusing on international relations, intercultural management, European institutions, business law, strategic marketing, economy, accounting, mathematics, negotiations, English and Spanish.

Concurrently with her master’s degree studies, Constance’s experience with Nuxe, a Paris-based international para-pharmaceutical cosmetics group and Hocquard & Associés, a law firm specialized in niche-market real estate, honed her skills and developed her interests in the luxury commodities and lifestyle industries.

She was invited in 2016 to join +Cassia to collaborate on communications and marketing projects related to branded designs for real estate projects including the research and preparation of collateral for the Maison Lanvin, Mugler Hotels, Resorts & Residences, Alber Albaz and Marcel Wanders.

Constance has since participated frequently on the creation of marketing and presentation material, engaging with branded designers and celebrities as well as conducts research and analysis of brand engagement efforts +Cassia is pursuing. In addition, she supports in the commercial engagement process with Developers.

In her part-time, Constance’s interest in photography, cosmetics and fashion explains her modeling activities for various agencies.