Intercontinental Bora Bora

client : T.B.S.A
branding : Intercontinental
services : Interior Design by Sylvain Proyart
typology : Destination Resort
location : Tahiti

The InterContinental Bora-Bora was the first truly Polynesian hotel where a detailed study of indigenous forms and traditions was distilled into a contemporary design which provides visitors with a unique experience that is both traditional and contemporary. The project’s appeal and average occupancy of 90% makes it one of the most successful Intercontinental hotels in the Pacific.

From the onset the decision was taken to create interiors inspired by authentic Polynesian imagery, without falling into the clichés of “exotic” decoration. In order to achieve this, the Interior Design team studied traditional culture as documented in old photographs, artefacts and symbols on Bora-Bora, aided in this by officials of the Ministry of Polynesian Culture.The artefacts and form distilled in this way are not merely copied, but reinterpreted in a modern interior design idiom, thus creating a formal language that is at once contextual and contemporary, and that has been dubbed “ethno-chic” by the designers. This satisfied the Client’s aspiration to have a formal language that positions the project as the first truly Polynesian hotel, while at the same time using a radically contemporary formal language, which speaks to a sophisticated Clientele.

With 80 bungalows raised on stilts above the lagoon, each villa has its own private deck with direct access to the water. 

Public amenities include the Bubble Bar & Lounge, the Deep Ocean Spa, the Reef Restaurant, the Blue Lagoon Chapel, Helipad, Simming pool and diving center.

Creative Director: Sylvain Proyart