Zayed Sports City

client : The National Central Cooling Co.
branding : Tabreed
services : Lead Consultancy
typology : Industrial
location : Abu Dhabi

The National Central Cooling Company, aka Tabreed, is the pioneer of energy efficient gas-fired and electric powered District Cooling systems in the UAE and the Middle East. As the region’s only utilities provider, Tabreed’s primary objective is to offer its customers a highly reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly source of cooling by distributing chilled water through underground network corridors that connect individual buildings to a central cooling plant.

The phaseout of worldwide chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) production is making district cooling (DC) an increasingly popular alternative to chiller retrofits and replacements. By connecting to a DC system, building owners and managers can focus on issues other than chilled-water production, thus liberating financial, personnel, and space resources for other important functions.

Drawing inspiration from the physical transformation of water from its ambient to its chilled state, the design seeks to embody the various stages of this process and to incorporate the implied languages of engineering by translating the color-coding of mechanical and electrical documents to the building materials. Tabreed’s first landmark project attempts to embody a marketing icon by adopting a pop architecture language that seeks to inform and educate the wider public on the benefits district cooling has to offer.