What is soft branded real estate design ?


With the brand’s active participation in the design process (around which stories, articles, photoshoots or collectively “content” is created), the brand influence is fused with the design process and with this, the Intellectual Property is secured. The brand’s presence is also a rich source of content and ideas, which can champion other talents such as signature chefs, branded member clubs & DJs but also branded cafés, branded landscape architecture, urban design with branded furniture suites, branded wine cellar and reception spaces or a branded Spa - all asset classes providing a singular character to projects, which collectively embody (individually or in combination) a lifestyle vibe that relates to a brand’s established equity and footprint across different generation segments.
A brand presence in design terms effectively brandmarks or labels the product and lends its brand equity in editorial terms, to the project. Working with xCassia provides the Developer with the communication rights to advertise the project as being designed by the BRAND XCassia. We then use our extensive PR networks to ensure the project story is picked up by the press.