The Electrodom Defined: Immersive Lifestyle Destinations For Real Estate Developments
Published by: +Cassia
23 June 2019
Author: +Cassia
The Electrodom Defined: Immersive Lifestyle Destinations For Real Estate Developments

Architect editor Jean-Paul Cassia, MyLoveAffair co-founders David Guetta and Raphael Aflalo are delighted to introduce a real estate activation concept called
“The Electrodom” which proposes stunning real estate design, development strategies and entertainment activations created for immersive lifestyle hospitality and eventscapes on existing, newbuild or retrofit projects.

The global economic value of the Electronic Dance Music industry is currently estimated at $7.1 Billion which eschewed negative predictions about its annual growth a few years ago, and which grows steadily at around 10%. David Guetta is credited for spearheading this genre of music and is hugely respected in the industry and through his company MLA, activation programme for the Electrodom will also include Rock and Pop music.

THE ELECTRODOM concept is a high-energy hospitality concept with 300-600 keys, residential investment opportunities (100-200 keys) and entertainment destination in either a standalone, urban or destination format, for new-built, retrofit and urban regeneration projects. A 5,000-7000m2 special events pavilion would border the 30,000m2 eventscape to enhance private or corporate functions with spill-out area depending on the size of the function. The project could also incorporate a beach club of sufficient size to create an all-day party vibe.

Positioning options are in locations with established infrastructures and a tourism and entertainment industry that attracts millennials in a rest and recreation context.

Underscoring the projects’ commercial success will be the seamless coordination between design, operations, marketing & PR, as well as the creation of a bespoke calendar of annual events for project activation with global artists

This project is about creating the ideal entertainment destination in a lifestyle environment that is visually stunning, exciting and memorable, with possible residential sales investment opportunities. Its design would include a special-events venue for all-year activation, designed for flexible multi-purpose use.

The Electrodom: an entertainment real estate activation concept that adds value

Nurturing and entertaining the urban globe trotter in an activation strategy geared at channelling footfall and investments into real estate