Olivier Lapidus
Partner, Creative Director

“Design is like fashion in the that both need differentiation through taste and detail, which seduces the user to feel special.”

Olivier Lapidus was born in 1958 at Neuilly-sur-Seine, France to a family of designers for two generations including his grandfather Robert, who was a tailor and his father Ted who was talented designer of the 70’s while his aunt, Rose Met was founder of the Torrente House.

Olivier was plunged into fashion since his childhood during which he developed an acute sense of shapes, colours and materials. In 1983 he graduated with honors from the Professional Syndicate School of Fashion and began his career in Japan under the pseudonym of Montagut. With 350 stores in 4 years, he became one of the 10 best designers of this country. After this experience, he was appointed artistic managing director of the house of LAPIDUS for which he realized an up-market « prêt-a-porter » collection, in July 1989.

From 1989 to 1999, Olivier built an incomparable expertise in women and men’s fashionware, preparing over 150 fashion shows throughout the world. Its collections, sometimes avant-gardists, are the best ambassadors of the French prêt-à-porter and fashion accessories. In 1994, Olivier won the « Dé d’Or » - the highest French distinction of the fashion industry – which consecrated its collection called « hymne à la soie » made with the « Soyeux de Lyon ». To congratulate him for his research and his creativity, the jury of the European Commission of Silk, based in Krefeld awarded him in 1995 the « Rouet d’Dor ».

In this universe, mixing futuristic and contemporary creations, Olivier takes up the challenge by introducing unusual combinations of colours and materials, developed with new techniques of impression and weaving. Recently he designed an upmarket range of gloves for Lexus, subsidiary of Toyota, which was made by Lavabre Cadet, one of the best in this area at Millau.

Always keen to apply his talents in living spaces, Olivier was commissioned as the creative director responsible to design a fashion-infused lifestyle hotel in Paris called L’Hotel Félicien, with interiors offering a blend of innovative and evocative concepts using delightful, glamorous and sensual materials to exacting details. He has since 2012 been collaborating with +Cassia under the Olivier Lapidus with Jean-Paul Cassia designer brand on hotel and branded residential concepts in China and Andorra.

Hypokhâgne / Lycée Pasteur de Neuilly, (1978-1979)

1983-1984 / Diplômé des Ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne

1985- 1986 / Balmain Homme

1986-1989 / Japon: Miki Group

1989-2000 / Directeur Artistique de la Maison Lapidus

1994 / Dé d’Or de la Haute Couture

1995 / Rouet d’Or de la Mode (décerné par la presse Allemande)

1998 / Chevalier dans l’Ordre National du Mérite

2000-2003 / Pékin: créateur indépendant

Depuis 2003, nommé par Décret du Premier Ministre comme Conseiller du commerce Extérieur de la France

2005 / Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur

2003-2013 / Paris : Collections capsules, Lapidus Vintage ROCKEDITION & Lancement du site Internet http://www.creationolivierlapidus.com/fr/

2008 / Association avec +Cassia

2013 / Conception de l’hôtel FELICIEN à Paris 

2015-2016 / Créateur indépendant / Couture exclusive et design.

2017 / Première Maison de Couture native d’internet : https://creationolivierlapidus.paris/fr/

2017/2018 / Directeur Artistique de la Maison Lanvin  

Mars 2018 / Couturier indépendant

Travaux / Vêtement a énergie solaire (1987), hologrammes et 3D imprimés (1995) Ordinateur ou téléphone intégré à un vêtement (1996) Fibres optiques tissées et robes lumineuses (1997)