Most of +Cassia’s work is global and is produced in association with local partner architects, offering Developers the reliability of acquiring cutting edge branded designs with the participation of industry leaders right next to their projects and from around the world. +Cassia is nimble, adaptable and highly responsive to context and Client visions while maintaining a hands-on approach with scheduling and quality of the work produced. +Cassia offers development consultancies specializing in the conceptualization, strategic programming and execution of Destination Developments for major projects across the globe. 

+Cassia focuses on:

One-Stop Shop Assignments
Urban, Waterfront and Mixed Use Destinations
Resort Destinations
Public Place and Cultural Destinations
Entertainment Destinations and Attractions

By combining disciplines into one-stop-shop assignments, Developers acquire cutting edge and bespoke tools for positioning their projects as truly unique, landmark projects that stand out above the competition.

+Cassia typically provides design intent planning and architecture as well as fully developed interior designs which it then coordinates with locally appointed Client teams made up of local architects and consultants to take the designs through to execution. +Cassia remains involved during the entire process to ensure the work is executed to exceptional high quality standards.