Location: Abu Dhabi
Country: UAE
Client: HH Sh. Hamdan Bin Moh' Al Nahyan
Category: Interior Design,Architecture

This is a palace compound composed of various independent buildings over a land of 60 acres at the western cost of the Abu Dhabi Island. It is laid on a diagram typical to most palaces built in the Arab Gulf countries. The diagram is a pure solution to certain needs that reflect the local lifestyle. The compound has three main parts; the ''Majless'', the family residence and a house for the eldest son. It also has several other parts such as the service buildings, garages, another small house and a large private marina.

Sheikh Hamdan was a Deputy Prime Minister and required that the palace projects an image of status and provides at the same time the privacy needed for his family. This is why the architectural concept aimed at providing a layout that segregates the functions into separate structures. Those structures, accessible to one another are somehow separated with purpose designed landscaping.

Despite the separation of the buildings in this compound, the architectural language and expressions were unified. As the compound is located right on the sea, water is used as a main feature. Both the "Majless" and the Main residential palace are built within large circular blue pools. They seem like islands and the pools like extensions to the bay. All structures are covered with red tiles and skylights are used in several places.