Location: Manama, Bahraim
Country: UAE
Client: Banawi Enterprises
Category: Architecture

+Cassia completed a conceptual design proposal for this 21,244 M2 world headquarters and technology centre technology in the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) in Al Hidd, which is in close proximity to the Bahrain International Airport and Al Hidd harbour. The plot is located on one of the three main roundabouts of the business park, adjacent to one of the access roads. The Client brief called for an efficient design that combines a high-tech and traditional vernacular language.

The building contains the Client's Research Centre, Main Offices as well as 3 levels with a total of 18 office suites which can be either leased or used by the Client. The massing consists of two north-south rectangles punctuated by the entrance volume and laid out 1.5 meter above ground on top of a half basement that contains the parking facility, leaving a strategic area for landscaping facing the roundabout.