Location: Dubai
Country: UAE
Client: Limitless LLC
Category: Architecture

Pei Partnership Architects and The Cassia Group (+tcg)  completed designs and oversaw construction on a 225, 000m2 mixed-use commercial and residential project comprised of 2 residential blocks and 2 offices blocks located on four parcels within the Limitless master plan of Downtown Jebel Ali, Dubai. 

Limitless LLC is developing Downtown Jebel Ali (DJA), Dubai. The proposed mixed use project will be part of Zone 1, Block 2 of DJA and will include two twenty-eight story office buildings and two twenty-seven story apartment buildings. A parking garage to be located across the street to the east of the buildings and connected by an upper level pedestrian bridge will provide parking facilities for the project.

Limitless seeks an aesthetically timeless and functional design for the proposed mixed use development to provide the necessary amenities and mix of uses to create an attractive 24-hour living and working community. The anticipated market for the office buildings and rental residential buildings is mid-range as a showcase for future development. The architecture should represent a sophisticated urban approach, as opposed to one that strives primarily to be an ionic or signature design. The design is intended to be simple, rational, and functional, with materials, colors, and details which are welcoming and appealing to the ever-more design-conscious residential and office markets.

The project is important to showcase the Downtown Jebel Ali development and the building will be finished to high standards in all public areas. The proposed office buildings are expected to attract multiple tenants. The buildings will complement the master plan and will be based on sound and sustainable design and engineering principles. The proposed apartment buildings will be fully finished as residential units. The proposed office buildings will be designed as shell and core only.