Location: Tahiti
Country: French Polynesian
Client: TBSA
Category: Interior Design,Architecture

The InterContinental Bora-Bora is the first truly Polynesian hotel, where a detailed  study of indigenous forms and traditions is distilled in contemporary form. This provides the visitor with a unique experience that is both traditional and contemporary, and creates a living tradition.

As such the hotel becomes a part of the island’s culture, without  falling in the trap of exoticism. This choice also allows the hotel to appeal to a wide range of guests, from the adventurous to the sophisticated. This results in the InterContinental Bora-Bora being one of the few hotels in the pacific area which has a consistent occupancy level of 90%.

The Client requested for the interior of the hotel to provide the visitors with a unique experience different from that of resort hotels on Bora-Bora and in other parts of the world, such as Indonesia or the Maldives. The design also had to be imbued with the feel of a lost paradise, far away from   everyday   worries.   The   visitor’s experience   had to be at once adventurous and sophisticated.

The InterContinental Bora Bora  Resort  &  Thalasso spa does not only have the first Thalasso Spa  in  the  southern  hemisphere,  but is also the world’s first hotel to be air-conditioned with seawater cooling, thus reducing its carbon emissions by 85%. The architectural design also reflected many typical features of local Polynesian architecture, and is oriented on Mount Otamanu, an iconic view of Bora Bora.