Location: Sardinia
Country: Italy
Category: Interior Design,Architecture

Casual elegance & hospitality™

From its roots in 1881, the CERRUTI name has expanded from luxurious fabric to acclaimed fashion without losing sight of its core values: emphasizing quality, style, meticulous craftsmanship and design.

Embodying 120 years of Italian tradition with the modernity of a Parisian fashion house,, Its properties will be unique destinations that are timeless, designed with casually elegant interiors, softness, humour and sensuality. "When people talk about “lifestyle” hotel concepts as if they were “new”, what they are responding to first is not the novelty, but their familiarity – past memories of childhood sensations, mother’s cooking, the dining room, warmth and casualness in an elegant spirited setting." - Nino Cerruti

CERRUTI  1881 Hotels, Resorts & Residences was created in 2015 by Nino Cerruti, Julian Cerruti and Jean-Paul Cassia and is owned equally by CERRUTI Holdings & Li & Fung Trinity. Its objectives are to expand globally through key gateway cities in a brand-revival strategy using cerruti hotels & resorts as a vehicle to share the timeless elegance and enduring power of the cerruti lifestyle.