Country: Global
Category: Architecture

The Urban Arts Initiative is a prototype project dedicated to the production, interpretation and diffusion of all forms of urban art with a mission to share the codes and practices of this specific medium within unique mixed-use projects – using art and hospitality to create successful urban destinations.

Urban art does not lend itself only to mediums produced outdoors – such as graffiti art, but it does spell the origins from where it emerges: life everyday and everywhere. In UAE’s rapidly developing urban environments that are young and evolving, the concentration of social activity is often limited to the ubiquitous shopping mall and other urban moments that involve shelter (hotels), subsistence (food) and entertainment (mall) – the “consumer nodes” of any well-conceived masterplan.

The UAI’s objective is to introduce urban art platforms as synthetic catalysts for socio-cultural interaction within “consumer nodes” and use media and the press as powerful conduits for the promulgation of urban art forms and cultural programmes.

The UAI will propose ephemeral and permanent experiences related to street and urban arts in the form of community art halls, exhibition spaces, artists residences, outdoor urban pathways, living performances, festivals, art fairs and symposiums chaired by leading local and regional institutions and patrons of the Arts.

The UAI will propose innovative and immersive virtual reality tours taking visitors on journeys to the world’s major street art cities. By extension, the UAI will be a platform for the growing world of digital and media art, permitting cross-fertilization of exhibition themes across various industries, global locations, including art, fashion, performing arts and media.