Stefanie Renoma
Artistic Director

“I spend a lot of time developing my photo series: looking for the right ambience, materials, building worlds. Extending this in design is a natural and exciting addition to my work.”

Wandering for almost twenty years in a rock-arty way through the paths of fashion, off the golden tracks of the showing-off, Stefanie Renoma places art and style at the core of her creative vision. Still very influenced by the mocking eroticism of these times conveying a message of freedom and humour, her work is permeated with these images that played a part in enriching her world.

As a mirror effect or a shell game between heavy femininity and framed masculinity, here the codes are often being shattered. Androginy -very present in her work- is not an approach but rather a self-assurance towards the opposite sex.

A graduate from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Moderne and ESMOD, as well as a designer and artistic director, she has since 2018 embarked on a new direction with Jean-Paul Cassia to design media-centric hospitality concepts created for the photography, fashion, film and muslc industries in urban gateway capitals, with mainstream amenities for a broader audience, including great music, restaurants, and with a distinctly creative lifestly flair.