+Cassia’s second generation business model in design is all about the search for content which underscores our continuous engagement with global brands that possess incredible histories, talent and narratives. What is unique to +Cassia are the relationship with brands it has developed over the years and the goal of creating a true brand expressions from the inside-out. This is made possible through solid planning and architectural consulting expertise within co-branded framework agreements that combine design + branding + marketing.


As experienced "ARCHITECTS BEHIND THE BRANDS", +Cassia’s approach is to propose strong branded content to our developers who continuously search for great architectural design, consulting and interiors, with authentic content that adds value to their projects. +Cassia also consults with brands to develop a vehicle for consistent branded design expression and by extension, we consult with other designers around the world who seek differentiation through brand association and creative partnerships. 


All work undertaken is bespoke, takes time and patience and is subject to a careful engagement process.