+Cassia’s second generation business model in design is all about the search for content. Continous dialogue between brands and +Cassia and vice versa around the subject of brands participating in design revolves around developing the right design language for real estate application. What is unique to +Cassia is the relationship with brands developed over the years and our goal of creating incredible assets for investors.  

 "The Architects Behind the Brands" is a caption that naturally evolved over time. +Cassia's approach is to combine great designs and content for cutting edge developers that value an avant-garde approach to design whereby designing, branding and marketing is managed holistically from the start. 

 +Cassia also consults for brands who wish to participate in real estate through an authentic and experienced vehicle, whereby we act as a brand custodian, managing the design process with the brand, the press and marketing intent so that the project is gradually positioned in the market with a unique editorial focus. 

 All work undertaken is bespoke, takes time and patience and is subject to a careful engagement process.