(2019) Bosque Park #1 Mall

client : Public Authority for Housing Welfare
typology : Commercial
services : Architecture
where : Kuwait City, Kuwait

Bosque Park 1 is one of possibly 10 or more commercial centers that border recreational plazas in the urban master plan, for which this project proposes one solution.

These plazas concentrate several civic institutions such as banks, places of worship, reception structures, children day care centers and medical facilities. The design response for Bosque Park 1 is based on its retail objectives, as well as its natural position to serve a community in a very central and visible way within the urban fabric and life anticipated around it. The design does this in several ways - “beacon iconography” for distant visibility while driving and programmatically through a carefully conceived food & beverage outlets designed to engage the plaza, and finally the Bosque Plaza which is a landscaping contemplative setting designed to anchor natural park around the plaza and project.

The ground floor F&B is an opportunity for 3rd party tenants to lease out units for franchise opportunities while the architecture is geared at creating life along the park’s periphery, through the promotion of a café culture both at ground and 1st floor levels. The first floor F&B similarly serves users of the retail functions, staff on one side, and a specialized F&B on the other, which will be equipped with a shaded children recreation area.

An agricultural program within the barrel volumes houses hydroponics labs for organic production, powered through PVC panels on the roof. The use of terraces on the first floor provides connectivity around the 1st floor retail and access to the ground floor from the park side, from within one of the facade beacons.