Stefanie Renoma

client : Stefanie Renoma
branding : SRS
services : Architecture, Interior Design, Branding & Marketing
typology : Branded Hospitality and Residential
location : Global

Wandering for almost twenty years in a rock-arty way through the paths of fashion, off the golden tracks of the showing-off, Stefanie Renoma places art and style at the core of her creative vision. Still very influenced by the mocking eroticism of these times conveying a message of freedom and humour, her work is permeated with these images that played a part in enriching her world.

As a mirror effect or a shell game between heavy femininity and framed masculinity, here the codes are often being shattered. Androginy - very present in her work - is not an approach but rather a self-assurance towards the opposite sex. A graduate from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Moderne and ESMOD, as well as a designer and artistic director, she now embarks on a new direction giving way to the imaginary, conveyed by photos and videos where symbolism and confusion of genders express her fascination with the experience of oneself facing one’s most intimate double.