Olivier Lapidus
Partner, Creative Director

“Design is like fashion in the that both need differentiation through taste and detail, which seduces the user to feel special.”

Olivier Lapidus was born into a family of designers including his grandfather Robert, who was a tailor and his father Ted LAPIDUS who was a famous designer of the 70’s.

Graduating with honors in 1983 from the Professional Syndicate School of Fashion, his career took him to Japan where he opened 350 stores in 4 years before returning to Paris in 1989 as artistic director and managing director of TED LAPIDUS. From 1989 to 1999, Olivier built an incomparable expertise in women and men’s fashion where his avant-gardists style earned him the « Dé d’Or » in 1994 - the highest French distinction in fashion, followed by the « Rouet d’Dor » in 1995.His commissions in various industries led him to design the Felicien Hotel in Paris which spearheaded his explorations in furniture and interior design, blending innovative and evocative concepts.

Olivier was also LANVIN’s Artistic Director from 2017-2018 prior to the brand’s sale and has since launched an “on-line Couture” business which received critical acclaim.

While he creates haute-couture wedding dresses for VVIP Clents, he also partnered with +Cassia in 2010 for bespoke branded real estate design and is permanent member of the team.