(1991) Khoury Tower

client : Mohamad Rasoul Khoury
typology : Residential
services : Architecture
where : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Retrospective 1991-2000 video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPyTSojDdNX/

The Khoury group is known Jewelers in the UAE. This 17,200 sqm building was initially designed to house their administrative offices for their Jewelry division. It was then modified to become a residential tower with luxurious apartments. It has 51 apartments ranging from two to five bedrooms, occupying the upper 14 floors. The lower three levels provide retail and office space for the Group’s Jewelry business.

A characteristic of Cassia’s architecture, this building represented an opportunity to expand and explore in sculpturing the volumetric shape down to every detail as an intricate piece of jewelry. The design was conceived through a careful balance of detailed sculpting of the volume as well as the choice of material. All visible walls on all facades have cladding of pink-salmon ceramic tiles. They are durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean. They make the building look sharp, bold and shiny as they cover every layer, slice, edge and corner.

The site limits are visible throughout the building with the uninterrupted corner volumes stretching from ground level to the top. As the regulation allows the building to protrude after a certain height; it does so, with a crafted set of steps and layers that add depth to the façade as the sun lays its light and shadow throughout the day. The protruded volume rises all the way to the top and end with and extravagant play of concave and convex layout of blade lines, curves and walls – a composition that casts a strong definition to the whole building as if saying; “hey! look I’m here”.