Since its establishment in 1958, XCASSIA has maintained an unwavering commitment to meticulous planning, unparalleled design versatility, and a deep understanding of project identity. Over the years, XCASSIA has built extensive relationships with global brands, which have been nurtured with a shared goal of co-creating exceptional real estate designs. Through collaboration with XCASSIA, brands have the opportunity to fully leverage a project's profile and positioning, amplifying their potential for public relations impact.


XCASSIA's design approach is a harmonious blend of their foundational business model of "creating buildings" with an enhanced focus on "building stories" through architecture, interiors, branding, and PR. This unique approach empowers investors to shape the vision, expression, and positioning of their investment right from the inception of the project design, through its entire lifecycle, up to the launch, handover, and beyond.


Brands seeking to make their mark in the real estate industry often turn to XCASSIA for their specialized design framework, which ensures seamless integration of the brand's DNA into a compatible design language. Through their agreements with brands, XCASSIA assumes a custodial role, centralizing and coordinating stakeholder interests while maintaining direct creative oversight over the design process, marketing collateral, and optimal editorial exposure.


It is worth highlighting that all work undertaken byXCASSIA is bespoke and requires dedicated time, patience, and a meticulous engagement process. This ensures that every project is distinct, tailored, and aligned with the specific needs and aspirations of the investor.