What is branded real estate?  


As a specialized design entity that creates real estate at the crossroads of architecture, branding, and PR to create value across the board, our approach at XCASSIA focuses on leveraging branding to elevate projects into signature creations with significant brand equity. We believe that while not every project requires branding, when it is employed, it has the potential to transform real estate design into an iconic representation of a brand's essence.


At around the time of the world financial crisis in 2010, we embarked on a journey to explore this concept, inspired by the idea that if Thierry Mugler could create perfumes, why not design buildings with us? Since then, we have cultivated an extensive network of lifestyle and luxury brands, film and entertainment icons, musician superstars and other, enabling us to create opportunities for brands to enter the real estate space through a design-led and PR framework. The integration of branded elements into projects adds value through exceptional design quality, enhanced prestige, and increased press appeal.


When a brand collaborates with XCASSIA during the design process, it becomes an integral part of the project's narrative, generating captivating "content" that can be utilized for PR and editorial purposes. By infusing the brand's creative influence into the design, we unlock a wealth of ideas that can celebrate other talents or causes, such as signature chefs, branded member clubs and DJs, cafes, landscape architecture, urban design and furniture, wine cellars and reception spaces, or even a branded spa. These elements contribute to the project's distinct character, further elevating its prestige and desirability.


By partnering with XCASSIA, developers gain collaborative marketing and communication rights, enabling them to promote the project as a genuine co-creation between the brand and our design entity. It is essential to recognize that simply incorporating branded furniture into a project does not unlock the same level of value. We leverage our extensive PR networks to orchestrate a coordinated process between stakeholders, ensuring that the project's unique story garners significant attention from the press.


It is important to emphasize that the collaborative process between the brand and XCASSIA requires time and patience. However, the outcome is a truly exceptional and valuable project that stands out from the crowd, capturing the attention of both investors and consumers alike. By infusing the project with branding elements and leveraging our expertise in design, architecture, and PR, we create a remarkable real estate offering that transcends traditional boundaries and establishes a new standard of excellence.