(2005) Residential Building

client : First Gulf Bank
typology : Residential
services : Architecture
where : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s sporting and sailing activities as well as its proximity to the corniche waterfront, the design’s key inspirations are maritime with an architectural approach that seeks to embody the city’s renewed and more sophisticated construction dynamic in this current decade.

Using a sensitive approach to functional and building access points, the design orients all residential units and commercial outlets towards the Khalidiyah Garden for Women and Children towards the Southwest and towards the open city views towards the Northeast.

As an upscale property in a competitive residential market, tenant amenities include segregated underground parking, dedicated entrances for tenants, commercial and service areas, individual storage spaces, 24-hour security as well as an optional Health Club & Gym.

The concept proposes two schemes: one with 90 Duplex 3-bedroom units and another with 80 Duplex 3-bedroom apartments and a further 4 units with 4 bedrooms on the uppermost levels. Targeting an upwardly mobile executive tenant, the net usable areas per units range from 193 sqm to 420 sqm (under option 2), all serviced through a 6-lift core including a single freight/fireman’s lift for convenience and safety.

The design brief called for suitable underground parking facilities for the commercial and residential tenants. Two ramped access approaches are explored and need to be discussed with the planning authorities. Both options, however, allow for up to 109 stalls over the three basements levels.

To ensure a mix of functions, 1,800 sqm of open-plan commercial areas are located on the Ground and Mezzanine levels. All building services were planned for ease of access, compliance with local regulations, cost-effective planning for routing of services, maintenance, and discretion.