(2020) The Colonnades

client : Confidential
typology : Residential
services : Planning, Architecture
where : G.C.C

The Colonnades vision is driven by both the history and the future of Abu Dhabi and The UAE, to create a community for Emiratis and expats, that has a vernacular and grain that stems from the culture and history of the Emirates, while addressing future technologies and lifestyles.

The development accommodates one thousand villas ranging in size from 3 to 8 bedrooms, across an area of 397 hectares, with a residential population of 5,365, on plots varying from 2,000 to 2,500 sqm, with GFA in the range from 268 sqm to 1,807 sqm, served by the community amenities stipulated by Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) for a development in an Urban Setting with a residential mix of Emiratis and expats, including educational facilities, mosques, retail and healthcare.

The vision is to create a series of neighbourhood clusters focused on public realm aligned to DMTs requirements of 10%, with community urban farms, and an additional 2% open space dedicated to commercial farming activities. The following summary documents aims to establish initial visions that stems from the below objectives to create a business case for opportunities and possibilities for the next community development in Abu Dhabi:

• Smart Community
• Community and Commercial Urban Farm Activities
• Culturally Connected
• Unique Living Experiences
• Adaptable Development
• Neighbourhoods and Communities
• Clear, Safe and Secure Environment
• Connected
• Self Sufficient