(2019-2023) MUGLER Residences

client : TBC
typology : Residential
services : Architecture, Interior Design, Branding & Marketing
where : Global

As a French director, fashion designer, photographer, perfume creator and stage and costume designer, Manfred’s ongoing influence maintains its intemporal youth and global appeal. Manfred’s first project with xCassia for real estate design is therefore infused with a similarly timeless “muglerized” approach to volumes, themes and attention to detail. The MUGLER brand for real estate assumes a highly curated approach to spaces and how they look, feel, smell and sound and are defined by five themes: proportion, flow, lightness, glamour and sustainability.

With the 2019 THIERRY MUGLER COUTURISSIME exhibition that was launched at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, “one gets the full range Manfred’s forty-year preeminence in design and the fashion he created for the top stars of this world,” says Alain Caradeuc, Manfred’s ex-business partner and Jean-Paul’s Paris Associate. "The sheer buzz surrounding Manfred’s work demonstrates the timeless appeal of his creative genius and influence, with top celebrities wearing vintage Mugler in all its splendour. It is a priviledge observing the intemporal nature of such talent and how it survives the vicissitude of time,” Jean-Paul adds.

Avant-Garde Real Estate Showcasing Brands Creating Unique Homes
The MUGLER Residence concept is a result of a patient creative process that spanned months of research and consideration about themes, materials and positioning. This unique 17,190 SF mansion includes up to 10,850 SF manicured lawns and landscaping that is adaptable to beachfront properties and natural terrains in spectacular settings for the demanding clientele that seek nothing but the best! The MUGLER Residence comprises 6 en-suite bedrooms, spacious family reception room, a triple height living reception, dining room, private reception and office, external terraces and pools, screening room, basement services, driver rooms and ample parking. Each MUGLER Residence is adaptable as single one-off signature home or in a secluded and gated estate, fully supported by an amenities programme.”