Gwendolyn Morton
PR, Design & Brand Development

Gwendolyn epitomizes precision, charisma, and dedication in the realm of branded real estate marketing and communications.

With a fervent commitment to effective communication, she excels in connecting with diverse stakeholders, from esteemed VVIPs to industry vendors, fostering meaningful connections with patience, respect, and wit. At the heart of her role lies the curation of captivating graphics and imagery, culminating in the creation of comprehensive "Design Brand Folios.” These meticulously crafted folios serve as powerful tools for engaging brands and investors, facilitating pre-licensing agreements and the designs that flow through them for maximum project impact. Gwendolyn's meticulous attention to detail ensures every touchpoint resonates with authenticity and sophistication.

Beyond coordination, Gwendolyn manages extensive databases and disseminates company collateral on a global scale, actively promoting XCASSIA’s vision and values across marketing channels and directly with investor interactions. Notable achievements include contributions to prestigious projects such as $1.4b Zanzibar Domino Destination, for which she managed communications and public relations with various elite members of the Zanzibar Government as well as fostered new portfolio potential in the UAE with projects ranging between $50m-$1.2b. Gwendolyn has collaborated with renowned visionaries in design and fashion, including Olivier LAPIDUS and the late Thierry MUGLER, contributing to global launches and investor engagements.

"In my current role working in the branded real estate and design sector, patient uncompromising attention to detail is key, and imagination is a key part of this dialogue."