Published by: XCASSIA
19 December 2023

Embark on a visionary journey with the DJAAYZ HOTELS & ELECTRODOM experience – a fusion of music entertainment and design innovation with a lifestyle hospitality environment curated by DJAAYZ’s co-founders, industry trailblazers Cathy GUETTA and Raphael AFLALO as well as Jean-Paul CASSIA and Olivier LAPIDUS from XCASSIA, legacy designers and specialized branded development architects.

This venture stands as the pioneering force behind the world's first DJ-centric hotel, strategically positioned in breathtaking locations worldwide. In this groundbreaking project, DJAAYZ distinguishes itself by placing the true unique selling proposition not merely in luxurious finishes but in the authenticity of human interaction. DJAAYZ hotels are vibrant destinations pulsating with life, hosting frequent events encompassing music, dance, gastronomy, and recreation. Beyond the conventional scope of a lifestyle hotel, DJAAYZ is an avant-garde concept focused on fostering genuine connections and experiences within the property, as well as beyond with other hotels that may access the DJAAYZ’s proprietary application through which great DJs can be sourced.

Renowned and emerging DJs from across the globe curate an atmosphere that transforms guests into integral community members, immersing them in an unforgettable blend of music and connection. Drawing inspiration from successful global ventures, DJAAYZ seamlessly integrates award-winning designed environments, prioritizing engagement and interaction, including specialized VIP DJAAYZ suites offering acoustically controlled spaces for private entertainment, elevating the overall guest experience to another level.
At the heart of DJAAYZ lies the exclusive ELECTRODOM festival, a dynamic celebration featuring the world's premier DJs and bands. This festival not only creates frequent events but also offers live and broadcast licensing rights for media distribution. The festival unfolds in a specialized eventscape, transforming landscaped environments into stage sets for thousands of visitors.

DJAAYZ Hotels & Electrodom transcends conventional investment motivations. It is not solely about financial returns but an opportunity to anchor destinations in exclusive locations, utilizing the brands' PR prowess to drive substantial foot traffic into the project. Our belief is rooted in the understanding that true luxury emanates from the authenticity of human contact and how culture can create an ensuring pulse that leverages the destination, experiences and finally the investor’s long-term economic objectives. For end-users, DJAAYZ offers the creation of lasting memories, while for investors, it represents a pioneering approach where cultural immersion serves as a key USP, harmonizing seamlessly with all requisite amenities and potentially complementing destination contexts where other hotel experiences await, and which may benefit from what DJAAYZ has to offer.

DJAAYZ is not just a hotel experience; it is a cultural narrative, redefining the very essence of travel and hospitality experiences, beat by beat!

"What we love about what Cathy and Raphael created is that its a unique lifestyle destination for enjoyment and culture which adds huge value to investors a such concepts attract consistent arrivals, crowds and investments into the project - a lifestyle magnet than leverages the destination." Gwen Morton