Christopher Broughton

Los Angeles -based award-winning writer, producer, director and entertainer Christopher Broughton has a career spanning over 30 years in film, tv and live stage production. He has travelled the world, made an impact in China as a key advisor of international productions at ace studios and received a “special recognition award” at the international Emmy’s in China for decades of work in the entertainment industry bringing east and west together to produce impactful content for a global audience.

While currently producing the anticipated feature "the boy who knew too much” with 20th century fox & franklin entertainment, Christopher is also serving as writer and producer for NBC’s upcoming show, “spirit of the law,” and has just secured the rights for his own production company, moxie motion pictures, to produce and direct “live,” an action suspense thriller franchise.

Christopher’s prolific career in entertainment is underpinned by a holistic approach of connecting media with humanity from which the content created serves as a natural element in xCassia’s building stories model for cutting -edge real estate & design.