Branded Real Estate Design Samples

client : Various Licenses and Brand Agreements
branding : Global Lifestyle & Luxury Brands
services : Architecture, Interiors, Branding, Marketing PR & Entertainment Activations
typology : Various
location : Global

xCassia’s 1958 business model remains immutable. It is about meticulous planning, exceptional design versatility across all disciplines as well as an innate sense of project identity, whether branded by xCassia or as a co-designed response with some of our lifestyle and luxury brand partners. xCassia’s extensive relationships with global brands took years to develop and is premised upon a simple common objective: co-creation of real estate design. A brand’s buy-in with such a model gives rise to public relations potential to fully leverage a project’s profile and positioning. Blending xCassia's formative business model of “creating buildings” with the optionally enhanced approach of “building stories” through architecture, interiors, branding and PR - from single agreements - provides an investor with something avant-garde – a unique approach to design whereby the vision, expression and positioning of an investment is curated from the beginning of a project design life cycle and right through the launch, handover and beyond.

xCassia frequently consults for brands that are keen to enter the real estate industries through a design framework which is all about ensuring the brand’s DNA is seamlessly expressed in a compatible design language. xCassia’s agreements with brands place us in a custodian role which helps us manage and mitigate all stakeholder interests in a centralized and coordinated position, with direct creative oversight on the design, its marketing collateral and optimal editorial exposure.

All work undertaken is bespoke, takes time and patience and is subject to a careful engagement process.