The Guetta Hotels & Electrodom

client : MLA
branding : The Guetta Hotels & Electrodom
services : Design, Branding, Entertainment Activation & Marketing
typology : Mixed-Use Hospitality & Entertainment
location : Global

THE GUETTA HOTEL & ELECTRODOM – a unique real estate scheme that blends exceptional design and entertainment for stunning locations around the world. Nurturing and entertaining the urban youth with globally attractive destinations and entertainment geared at channeling footfall and investments into real estate. THE GUETTA places entertainment as a unique selling point, offering an annual and sustained calendar of events through THE ELECTRODOM. Underscoring the projects’ commercial success is a seamless coordination between design and operations (“the hardware”) as well as the bespoke creation of a calendar of annual events for live and digital performances (the “software”) provided by THE ELECTRODOM – a music festival concept successfully applied to Disneyland Paris for 3 consecutive years.

Post-covid, media-friendly music festivals and hospitality will be key drivers for a segment of tourism whereby “luxury” is all about experience and human connection.

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