Bateen Wharf & Electrodom

client : Belbadi Enterprises
branding : Multi-Brand Strategy & Electrodom
services : Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Branding, Entertainment Activation
typology : Mixed-Use Hospitality, Branded Residences & Entertainment
location : Abu Dhabi


The Bateen Wharf & Electrodom Abu Dhabi is an extraordinary development that combines residential, entertainment, workplace, hospitality, food and beverage, and vertical farming in the vibrant capital of the UAE. Taking full advantage of its unique natural advantages, strategic location, and development opportunities, this project offers an exceptional waterfront experience on mainland Abu Dhabi.

Designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals, the programming strategy focuses on attracting young urban professionals who appreciate integrated destinations that offer a distinct blend of retail, co-working spaces, dining options, and entertainment venues, all contributing to a sustainable and stylish lifestyle. The project consists of three blocks, encompassing 634 apartment units. Two blocks feature branded lifestyle interiors, while the third block offers upscale optionally branded properties. Additionally, an 80-key boutique hotel and 127 hotel apartments occupy the easternmost section of the plot. Adjacent to this, a green wall structure houses a unique vertical farm, extending from the main basement installations as part of the sustainable food program strategy.

The entire residential and hospitality program revolves around a central eventscape—a beautifully landscaped park incorporating media and show-control technology. This space is complemented by a co-working strip to the north and west, connected by a 57-meter-long highline walkway that links the podiums of the buildings. This walkway serves as a leisure area and offers VIP viewing during events held in the eventscape. Throughout the site, you'll find an array of exceptional amenities, including banqueting halls, party rooms, dedicated health clubs, kids' and gaming rooms, as well as a unique food and beverage structure called "The Vessel." True to its nautical references, it offers a curated mix of dining outlets, including a home-grown brand that showcases a top chef's menu, featuring produce grown at the Bateen Wharf. Notable design elements include rooftop infinity pools and cantilevered pools with acrylic partitions.

To elevate the project's international stature, we propose a carefully curated mix of branded interiors and exclusive media activations through the Electrodom, positioning the development as a must-visit destination on the global stage.