Hotel Felicien

client : Elegancia Hotels
branding : Felicien Hotel
services : Facade Strategies, Branded Interiors, Special Edition Furnishings, Signage, Artworks
typology : Fashion-Branded Hospitality
location : Paris


With his first hotel project « Hotel Félicien », Olivier Lapidus celebrates the fusion of fashion and design.

"The Félicien is a chromatic evolution and play of materials – a scenario of a collections between Couture and Design", explains the designer whose fame in haute couture precludes his entry into the world of architecture and interior design.

Situated in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris in a 1930s building, the spaces are scripted and choreographed to the various stages of a couture collection, with an integrated coordinated of materials, colours and know-how. Just like his fashion shows, the themes evolve by floor in a play of materials, colours, volumes and light.
From the elegance of graphic black and white to the immaculate whiteness of a wedding dress, each level presents a theme of colours and materials, right down to the smallest finishing touches of custom-made furniture and fittings, made entirely in France. Olivier Lapidus invited well known craftsmen into the design process which traces his childhood memories through artworks and photography, his passion for integrating technology, precise detailing and humour...

At the entrance to the hotel, the first nod to fashion is the solid oak marquetry parquet flooring, while at the bar, fibre-optic lighting is integrated into curtains. At the reception desk, the KRION counter, sculpted in a single block, unfolds like a wave that leads you to the bar, where the white acrylic makes the reds, oranges and yellows sing in a warm, cosy atmosphere. Hyppolite Romain's drawings - more than a hundred fashion sketches – adorn the walls of the lift shaft seen through the glass wall, and evolve as catwalk collection.

Olivier’s drawings are engraved in frosted glass in the breakfast room: fashion silhouettes appear and disappear according to the light of the day. As the creative director of all front of house spaces, Olivier’s designs blend technology, shapes, tones, light and custom-made furniture to be experienced in a casual journey that juxtaposes elegance, warmth, humour and a keen avant-garde touch to guest comfort.

Each of the 36 guestrooms pay tribute to Parisian couture, with abstract paintings that illustrate motifs borrowed from the designer's creations. Throughout the hotel, touches of red emphasize a rhythm sense of fantasy, in deference to Tanizaki's Japanese aesthetic. From the « Black floor » to the « Sky floor », six graphic settings respond to each other from one floor to the other, playing on the evolution of colours and materials, taking guests into a world of elegance, comfort and extreme modernity. In total, 34 rooms including two breathtakingly 40 sqm suites (with private terraces and jacuzzis) overlook the roofs of Paris. The basement floor contains a swimming pool, hammam, sauna and massage rooms.

Brand Olivier Lapidus: